South East landscape contractor maintaining avenue of trees

Turfsoil's commitment to preserving the environment is embedded in everything we do. We will meet your requirements as a minimum, and expect to exceed them.

Minimising our impact on the environment

Turfsoil holds the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 14001 accreditation in recognition of the responsibility we take for minimising our impact on the environment. This is imbedded in our integrated quality and environmental management system which is the foundation upon which all our working practices are based. Independent audits are carried out by external experts on an annual basis, and internal audits are constantly ongoing.

We set environmental objectives annually aimed at minimising energy usage and reducing, re-using or recycling increasing amounts of our and our clients' waste. In 2013 we are targeting the reduction of fuel usage in particular, with innovative driver training programmes and tracking techniques. We use environmental software that monitors the efficiency of our vehicles, including speeds, routes taken, mileage and fuel consumption. Our state of the art workshop facilities and skilled staff also ensure that our vehicles and machinery are always operating at peak efficiency.

We like to innovate on behalf of our clients and stay on top of what the latest equipment has to offer. Recent developments in electric machinery and vehicles represent an exciting opportunity for us to further reduce emissions at our clients' sites. Every site we work at is assessed annually for environmental factors such as vulnerability to flooding and habitat preservation, and a waste action plan is set up for each one with the aim of achieving our target of 0% going to landfill.

We are commited to, and proud of the part we play in preserving the precious environment in which we live and work.

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